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Rebirthing breathwork is also known as Conscious Breathing, Intuitive Breathing, Spiritual Breathing.

Offering profound and life changing insights, shifts and energetical upgrades to every level of our Self.


This energetical medicine literally eliminates stress, trauma and tension stored in the body, changing our vibrational blueprint enabling us to break free from old and destructive cycles and patterns, causing our energetical rebirth.

It sounds too good to be true, but this medicine needs to be experienced, as it is truly beyond what words can describe.


Reclaiming our spiritual connection to Self, the world we live in, and to the Divine Consciousness which we are intrinsically part of is the transformational life change so needed in our modern world.

Lulu will guide you through the session, with technique, loving support and sound therapy to deepen the experience.


Rebirthing is a route to reconnect with our highest, fullest potential and most intuitive selves. Our intuition, and source/spirit/God will show us the way if we quiet enough to listen.

We have so many layers to heal. The subtle, accumulative journey that rebirthing leads us on is exactly that - a journey of our rebirth. Every session is unique to the last; every journey is divinely orchestrated so that we unravel consciously & authentically, reconnect to our true path, and finally start truly living. Around 10 sessions offers a full rebirth journey.

Please allow 2-3 hours for each session. 

                          1 person:                          

1 session £90

or 2 sessions £160

or 5 sessions £375

2-4 people:

1 session £85 each 


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