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Graduating from the prestigious CNM college London, Lulu is a BANT registered trained Nutritional Therapist.

Nutritional Therapy creates a detailed map of ‘you.’ Together, we create a timeline of your life. We connect dots that may not have been connected previously. And we create a personalised plan that nourishingly attends to every aspect of your wellness.

It is far more than looking at the food you eat; it is looking at the life you live. 


Nutritional Therapy is holistic, whole-istic; supporting the whole of you. Through deep listening and investigation, we look to support you as an emotional, physical, spiritual individual. This is the beauty of Nutritional Therapy, it offers an opportunity to support the whole person. Something modern medicine has less & less time for. 


So if you're ready to learn how to repave the life you're living so that your day to day is truly nourishing you on every level,

get in touch.


Love, Lulu 

Tropical Fruits
Raspberry and Various Nuts

Initial Consultation

Our initial 60-90 minute consultation covers every little detail of your story thus far, enabling us to create a health timeline: to find roots, to connect dots, and to step back and see the whole picture of you. This way, we can make a personalised plan that attends to every aspect of yourself in need of attending to.


Follow Up Consultation

A few weeks or months into immersing your personalised plan into real-life, this consultation gives us the opportunity to catch up, check in, and add amendments to the plan where necessary to support further wellness and growth.


Organic Vegetables

The Ultimate Deep Tissue Massage

Follow Up
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